Afrosilk is an excellent Semi-Gloss finish based on acrylic based emulsion


Afrosilk is an excellent Semi-Gloss finish based on acrylic based emulsion. Afrosilk provides outstanding hardness, brushability, adhesion and scrubbability. Afrosilk comes in three different formats; ¼ Gloss finish, Semi-Gloss finish and Gloss finish.

Usage :

– Use as Exterior & Interior finish

– Use to obtained high quality , durable & elegant finish .

– Applied for cement , concrete & Gypsum walls … etc .

Application Instruction :

– Surface should be clean and free from lubricants , oil and dust .

– stir well before use .

– Dilute with 15% water for first layer and 10% for second layer or use directly without diluation .

Surface shoud be left for minimum one between tow coats layer .

Used Tools: Brush roller and spray gun .

Environmental & Human:

– Clean hands with water and soap after usage . – Avoid direct inhalation of paint .

– The Product is Enviromentally friend & free from lead , Cadmium and heavy metals.

Storage :

* 2 years from date production if stored as suggested .

* The product must be kebt in cool well ventilated place , protected from sunlight and heat .

* Containers must be kebt tightly closed after partial usage .

Coverage Rate: 10-12 m2/1 , depending on porosity of surface and dilution of paint .


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