Frequently Asked Questions


Is African Paints a foreign company?

African Paints is a Sudanese owned company that utilizes European technology in the production of it’s craft.

Does African paints do joint ventures?

African paints has a variety of ways in participating in partnerships with interested parties wether through the provision of it’s tinting machines , Dealers programs and many other options.

Does African paints have a customer support unit?

African paints surveys it’s customer support emails and phone calls through our short code and email respectively on a daily basis.

Does African Paints have a variety of products to fit all our customers?

Our Mastic  and oil based products are well segmented to fit customer preferences with highly specialized products along with mainstream products.

We also produce industrial products such as U-pox paints and decorative products such as texture and Graviato.

What feature differentiates African Paints?

All our products are designed to give a long lasting experience and are pre-tested to ensure quality superior to the market.

Our sales staff are fully trained to educate our customers about the content of our products and it’s application.

Where is African paints located?
African Paints factory is located in Soba behind the Savola complex, with showrooms currently in 60st and Ghaba st.


If you have any other questions, please contact us

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  In African paintS, we seek to continue to lead the innovation in the market of paints in Sudan, which makes us always meet the needs of our renewable customers

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