An opportunity to work with the best. An environment that celebrates diversity and values integrity. Constantly pushing beyond boundaries. A learning journey of a lifetime. Sky high benchmarks of performance. A fair and transparent rewards philosophy behind it all. Welcome to African Paints. Are you up for a dare?


Learning is and has always been an integral part of our culture. We believe that people learn best when they observe, experiment, and reflect. We follow the 70:20:10 rule of learning – 70% is learnt on the job, 20% through observation and interaction, and 10% in classrooms.


One learns tremendously from a highly competent set of peers and hence we strive to achieve a performance-oriented culture at work. We have an unbiased ‘Performance Focused Management System’, so that every employee is appropriately recognised and rewarded.


Our ‘Compensation Philosophy’ is based on commitment to fairness in compensation and transparency in communication. We benchmark it regularly with external markets. We strongly believe in internal equity and practice effective compensation.

What we are looking for?


We constantly look for the right questions and invoke group intelligence to solve problems. At Asian Paints, we encourage you to grow by constantly seeking to understand and identify key issues and learn on the job.


We foster a communicative culture that focuses on building lasting relationships with our partners, customers, dealers, or work environment. Unity plays a big role in helping us achieve common principles and goals.


We value self-belief and discretion and encourage our employees to learn, experiment, and implement. Every contribution is shared, assessed, and modified for the betterment of our systems and processes



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  In African paintS, we seek to continue to lead the innovation in the market of paints in Sudan, which makes us always meet the needs of our renewable customers

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