To indulge in the creation of paints with the color and composition that is uniquely positioned to meet all of your painting needs.

African Paints Sudan located at the trunk of Africa hopes to mesmerize it’s customers with a broad product line, superior technical support, individualized customer service, and a state-of-the-art color matching.

We continuously venture into new horizons in the industry and the technology of paints and would like to leave a track record that enriches human life through consist solutions that has a synonymous African glow.


African Paints aims to establish a partnership with it’s customer that not only reflects their needs but projects new ideas into the market.  Africa paints’ with it’s industrial, commercial and residential brands aim to channel it’s products to homeowners and professionals through a variety of company owned stores and independent retailers; broadening our product depth while sustaining a unified standard that continuously amalgamates with excellence.  Contractors,  property owners,  interior designers, architects and consumers, are all influencers African Paints considers partners. We aim to optimize their work through continuous improvement on our product’s scope, introduction of enhanced alternatives, research and development, and environmentally friendly solutions. Our ethos is to ensure that our partner’s outputs are optimized through the touch of African paints.

African paints Company Ltd 

African Paints Ltd. was established in March 2009 and the African Paints Factory was completed in September 2010 on an area of 25,000 square meters in the new industrial zone of Soba. Contributing to the development of the Sudanese industrial system through the manufacturing of paints- with a vast production potential and managerial expertise.

The factory combines European technology and highly qualified personnel to produce high quality paints that does not settle to mediocrity.

African Paints Ltd. adopts international standards in it’s production process along with systemic guidelines to ensure that in-house production runs smoothly.

Our engineers and techinicans are highly trained individuals which collaborate with their expertise in designing a manufacturing process that factors quality, delievery time, occupational safety and customer concerns.

African Paints Ltd also continuously monitors it’s finished goods in the market, visits sites and surveys the evaluations of technicians and specialists -through a special department – to follow up the quality and development of it’s products. We also host Loyalty programs for technicians and specialists that serve as brainstorming sessions for our products, a platform to introduce our products to our partners, training grounds for mutual interests, and a great opportunity to display a variety of new application methods using tools and innovative devices.

Another important ethos in African Paints is occupational safety and interest towards the environment. Whether in house or in the products we release into the market, we take the necessary safety precautions and look into many initiatives such as low VOC compounds that could help bring a greener future.

Company approach

Our research and development team feeds on development opportunities through new ideas and customers concerns.

Our raw materials go through a rigorous inspection process followed up continuous adjustments to meet market needs.

R&D continuously attends international coating shows where new manufacturing alternatives are proposed, and production tweaks are adopted that help enable our products more efficiently.

The alignment between our customer’s concerns and R&D is constant, and continuously maintained through our customer support staff and technical support unit.

We carry a bottom-up approach where every member of our organization is considered a product owner, competently able to address things, delegate and defer matters to colleagues.  

Each independent retailer is educated about our products and has the right to rescind products any time they feel it has not met their expectations. We value a culture where our sales staff and retailers do not view our products as a commodity but a service with many intangible factors.

Our company has a standardized setting in it’s company -owned stores and it’s tinting centers across Sudan catering to availability, presentation and the experience provided to our customers.

African paints Ltd. proudly follows the standards and specifications adopted by the Sudanese Organization for Standardization and Metrology and aims to lead in the paints industry with ethical processes that can prove successful growth locally and regionally.

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  In African paintS, we seek to continue to lead the innovation in the market of paints in Sudan, which makes us always meet the needs of our renewable customers

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